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​Some clever local ladies have opened up a homeware store 'Good Thing', in my hood.  Now I am one for supporting local businesses as much as I can, so what a good reason to get this great cloud planter that I have been eyeing up for the kids room.  Unfortunately I keep killing the plants I buy for it.  A great solution to this is good looking fake plants.  Now for the hard part of finding the perfect spot to hang it.
Good Thing has a great selection of on-trend high quality products..  No doubt I will be heading back there to do some Christmas shopping.  Check out their website,  or pop in for a visit at 849 New North Road,  Mt Albert.   

<![CDATA[Collected Store]]>Wed, 13 May 2015 08:10:34 GMThttp://www.diydiva.co.nz/retail-therapy/collected-storePicture
So 'Collected' has to be one of my favourite interior stores, I have been shopping there  for years now.  They stock great prints, rugs, linen, tableware, lighting. You name it they are likely to have it,  all current and up to date.  If you are a 'Block NZ' fan,  a lot of their funky products feature in the houses in last years series.  The store established and owned by Auckland's renowned interior designer Lea Ann Yare.  She is also well known for her work in this country's trendiest magazines. And more recently she has released some books featuring the best examples of New Zealand's interiors.

My obsession with the 'Collected' store started with a small ceramic "paper crane".  My collection has now grown to include a night light bunny, white house shaped tissue box, decorative fan, chevron hall runner. Most recently i picked up some thunder bolt wall decals for the kids room.  Now for the tricky bit - deciding where to place them.
Check out their online store at;  

<![CDATA[Decorative Antler wall Hooks from Kmart]]>Sun, 15 Mar 2015 23:44:14 GMThttp://www.diydiva.co.nz/retail-therapy/decorative-antler-wall-hooks-from-kmart
I stripped the wallpaper from our walls in the hallway a couple of months ago now.  While we have been too busy to do any work I have been dreaming up what to decorate the finished walls with.
I do love the antler/deer head trend that is hot at the moment and I was really pleased to find these cheap ($10) antler wall hooks from Kmart.  I have seen similar ones in high end shops for a lot more.  So have sorted the hooks now we just need the time to finish the walls so I can hang them.

<![CDATA[Cotton On Kids Gold Glittery Garland]]>Tue, 24 Feb 2015 07:41:13 GMThttp://www.diydiva.co.nz/retail-therapy/cotton-on-kids-gold-glittery-garlandPicture
The recent event of our Master 3 becoming Master 4 was the perfect reason (excuse) for buying this adorable, glittery garland from Cotton On Kids. At $24.95, the pack comes with letters, numbers and some symbols. All you need to do is use the needle provided to thread the letters, numbers or symbols onto the string.

I used the
garland for Master 3’s birthday party decorations and now plan to use it to jazz up the kids'  bedroom. The hard bit is deciding what inspirational and kid-friendly thing to say with it.

<![CDATA[Another Great Kmart Find]]>Tue, 17 Feb 2015 00:18:58 GMThttp://www.diydiva.co.nz/retail-therapy/another-great-kmart-findPicture
I popped into Kmart yesterday to check out the toys and of course had to go via the living section where once again an item caught my eye.  I think the little light up signs and symbols that are available at the moment are cute and as much as I would love to buy an expensive one- can't justify the cost.  So I was really pleased when I saw this '&" symbol for $19.  All you need is a couple of batteries to power it.  Cute as!! 

<![CDATA[Round Mirror From Bed Bath and Beyond]]>Mon, 24 Nov 2014 20:40:07 GMThttp://www.diydiva.co.nz/retail-therapy/round-mirror-from-bed-bath-and-beyondPicture
Looking for something to fill a blank wall?  How about a mirror?  Not only do they bounce more light around your space,  they can make a real style statement.
I really like the current round mirrors that are on trend.  They sometimes feature a strap made from a natural material- leather or rope.
I spotted this one in a Bed Bath and Beyond catalogue,  it was half price at $22.50.  Another budget friendly current find that I am really happy with from this store.

<![CDATA["HELLO" Door Mat from Bed Bath and Beyond]]>Tue, 18 Nov 2014 08:13:09 GMThttp://www.diydiva.co.nz/retail-therapy/hello-door-mat-from-bed-bath-and-beyondI don't often shop at Bed Bath and Beyond but I have now found two lust worthy items at bargain prices.  One of which is this "Hello" front door mat.  I have been looking at buying the same mat but with yellow writing form a trendy store but at $90 retail I could not justify it.  Needless to say I was pretty chuffed to come across this very similar product at a fraction of the price. ($9.90)  A lot of mainstream stores are taking note what is trendy and producing the goods even if it is a season or two later.  So keep your eyes peeled for a bargain they are out there. 
<![CDATA[Pineapple Lamp from Kmart]]>Mon, 03 Nov 2014 06:36:09 GMThttp://www.diydiva.co.nz/retail-therapy/pineapple-lamp-from-kmart

Do you love the interior trend for tropical styling which is popular at the moment?  If so this wee gem is for you!!  A pineapple lamp form Kmart for a mare $25.

The lamp, shown here with a different shade,  is whimsical and fun.  All in white you could keep it neutral or jazz up the shade with some colour.

The range of interior finishes available have certainly picked recently with a great range for low prices.  So if you have a limited budget check it out.

Best of all have fun with your space- surround yourself with things you love

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"

William Morris

<![CDATA[The Tile Depot]]>Sun, 17 Aug 2014 03:35:21 GMThttp://www.diydiva.co.nz/retail-therapy/the-tile-depotPicture
If you need tiles or are thinking about doing something that requires tiles I would recommend taking a trip to The Tile Depot.  The Rosebank Road store is currently having a sale,  you can get 20% off any tiles.  Having trouble deciding what you are after? Ask the staff. they are really helpful.

Not sure what to choose?  Subway wall tiles- rectangular tiles laid in a staggered pattern, are on trend at the moment.  As are the classic hexagon tiles which I personally love and plan to use in a future project.  Highlight these patterns and tiles with a contrasting coloured grout,  I used a charcoal colour to contrast against my white wall tiles and dark grey floor tiles in our recently renovated shower.

Be quick if you want to take advantage of the sale it finishes at the end of August.